OOH Advertising

Out of Home Advertising is the most sought-after media by brands since ages. Either they are called Hoardings or Bill Boards, almost all brand managers plans the best spot possible, while launching the product.


Audvik solutions is one of the best OOH agencies in Hyderabad, by being connected to many prominent hoardings, uni- poles, foot over bridges, railway advertising, bus Branding, auto advertising etc.


We at Audvik Solutions, the leading OOH agency in Hyderabad, helps brands in reaching target customers using the best outdoor mediums.


Our specialty is to suggest clients the best ROI driven out door spots in Hyderabad and more than 80 cities across India and give brands the perfect visibility that they deserve.


The latest trend on OOH space is DOOH which is Digital OOH. We have access to more than 10,000 LED screens in 2500 Gated communities across 10 cities. With one click, we can telecast our ad in these screens with best possible costing.

Audvik Solutions, a premier OOH advertising agency, specializes in delivering comprehensive and impactful Out of Home advertising services, including strategically placed hoardings in bus shelters, central medians, and at bus, railway, and metro stations. Our services extend to permanent rural hoardings, uni-poles, dynamic bus Branding, as well as cab and auto Branding. Additionally, we offer unique advertising solutions like tri-cycle promotions, look walkers, and digital wall paintings, ensuring your brand achieves maximum visibility and engagement across diverse urban and rural landscapes.