Rural Marketing Agency

Audvik Solutions, the best rural marketing agency, is in the service of agri pesticide companies, agri seed companies and agri fertiliser companies, since last 13 years.


Rural marketing lies in the heart of Audvik Solutions, the best rural marketing agency, where we have been leading this sector from the past 13 years with excellent track record of carrying out various types of activations.


We understand the pulse of rural audience very well, as we have been working with them since many years.


Audvik Solutions, the leading rural marketing agency, operates across 14 states of India, wherever there is significant market for agricultural products.

At Audvik Solutions, the best rural marketing agency, we provide various Rural Marketing Campaign solutions to the companies to the companies like Jeep Campaigns, Van Activities, Nukkad Natak, Farmer Meetings, Harvest Days, Field Days, Demos, Farmer Product Launches, Customer Care services, Audio Visual Development, Film Production Etc.


We, at Audvik Solutions, the best rural marketing agency, have an expert team for designing the customised activations for various rural brands according to their requirements, budget and target group.


Engaging the rural market with latest technology like AR and VR Engagement games is our USP, with a 100 percent success rate of execution and client satisfaction.


Audvik Solutions is considered to be one of the best rural marketing agencies servicing multitude of clients across India.


Clients like Corteva, BASF, Syngenta considers Audvik Solutions as one of the best rural marketing companies, as it provide innovative BTL campaign themes and execution.

Specializing in rural marketing, Audvik Solutions leverages its rich heritage of collaboration with top Multinational and Indian agri-input, like Syngenta, Du Pont, Corteva, Coromandel, FMC, Indofil, and many more  to deliver superior rural marketing strategies that effectively connect brands with their rural audiences.


We offer comprehensive rural marketing solutions that help FMCG, consumer durables, and electronics companies to expand their footprint in rural markets, backed by our strong systems, processes, and competent manpower.


Every rural marketing campaign designed by Audvik Solutions is a testament to their deep understanding of rural dynamics, leveraging a mix of traditional and modern communication tools to effectively reach and engage rural communities. Helping clients with requirements in rural marketing in Hyderabad , we harness the expertise of our skilful team, who travel directly to villages to conduct farmer meets, where we educate local farmers about modern agricultural technologies and the effective use of fertilizers. Additionally, we organize engaging LED roadshows and interactive game activities, ensuring that the information provided is both accessible and easily understandable for the farming community. This hands-on approach not only fosters better understanding and adoption of new techniques but also strengthens the bond between technology providers and the agricultural sector